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The Benefits of Creating a Wedding Website

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We live in a digital age — even when it comes to weddings. The pandemic has led to socially

distanced venues and live-streamed nuptials. This has made the utilization of a wedding

website more helpful than ever.

However, a wedding website isn’t new on the scene. On the contrary, creating a website for

your big day was already a popular option long before the pandemic. Here are some of the

biggest reasons why.

Saving Money

The most obvious advantage that comes with a wedding website is the cost. Most wedding sites

are either free or only cost a small fee. However, some couples prioritize custom websites when

building their event budgets. If your guests are scattered throughout the country or around the

world, a more sophisticated wedding website might be ideal.

Regardless of which option you choose, you can invite individuals to your event. Digitizing your

invitations can save you a lot of money that would have been spent on stationery, printing, and

even postage.

Staying Organized

Organization is key to a successful wedding day. With so many things going on, keep your head

on straight throughout the planning.

A website can help you do that by keeping crucial information easily accessible. RSVP lists are

particularly helpful to have online. If you need to make any updates before the event — an

activity that is common in the post-COVID-19 era — you can do so directly on the site.

Optimizing Convenience

Wedding websites are very convenient — and not just for yourself either. With all of your

information housed on the cloud, your guests can also utilize the site.

From responding to an invitation to reading your story to looking up the address for the venue,

everything is a quick web search away.

Sharing a Registry

One of the most practical elements of a wedding website is setting up an online registry. This

enables you to provide a clear list of what you need, complete with links to products. Having an

online registry on your website also helps your guests keep tabs on exactly what has been

purchased already.

Additionally, linking to e-commerce retailers is ideal for convenient pandemic-friendly wedding

gift shopping. If you don’t need new stuff and you’d rather focus on your financial independence,

you can even pop a button up on the site for cash gifts rather than a registry option.

Streamlining Communication

Having a website for your wedding can streamline communication in countless ways. You can

post information about where to park, what kind of attire is appropriate, and whether the event is

or isn’t kid-friendly.

This reduces the need for you to spend countless hours answering the same questions over

and over again in the lead-up to the wedding. This can reduce the stress placed on a bride and

groom and can be especially nice for any introverts that already don’t like constantly answering

the phone.

Personalizing Your Wedding

Finally, a website allows you to personalize your wedding. It enables you to put your stamp on your special day long before the guests arrive on the scene.

Your website can be uniquely designed to help you connect with your guests. Set up a page to

share your story. Take the time to choose your color scheme and then identify complementary

colors that you can use together throughout your website. Ideally, you should even weave your

site’s colors right into the theme of your wedding, as well.

Prioritizing a Website for Your Big Day

So, while you’re busy picking venues, selecting dresses, and choosing gifts, it’s important to

factor creating a website into your plans, too, including your budget. As with any party

expenses, be sure to account for fluctuations, as no fee is ever truly set in stone.

Basic or custom, a wedding website isn’t just another time-consuming step in the event planning

busyness. It’s an effective and helpful way to take things off of your plate, reduce the overall

stress, and keep everyone up to date as your special day approaches.

Guest Writer: Noah Rue

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