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A Favor for Our Guests

Doing Your Guests a Favor

The Bride or Groom are typically the ones receiving gifts throughout the engagement. From engagement gifts, shower gifts, bachelorette/bachelor party gifts and of course wedding gifts. The one gift that might want to be thought about is what to give the guests. The guests favors can range from something to eat to something to remember the day to something they can use during the day.

A Sweet Treat for the Tummy

Giving a gift of food, candy or a beverage is an idea that we all know will be used by everyone. Some like doing mini champagne bottles as a favor and using them for escort assignments. Enhancing the cocktail hour with fancy sodas or water bottles. Candy or food is a yummy treat that can be enjoyed either at the wedding, on the way home or another day!

A Moment to Be Remembered

A token of appreciation to guests that they can see or use over and over again can also be a nice touch. Salt and Pepper Shakers, Coasters, Lip Balm, Wine Stoppers and more fun ideas can be found at Forever Favors. Not only are there so many options, the quality and cost of the favors listed are so reasonable. It will make the couple think, "how can I not!"

Let It Be Used Here and Now

Enhancing the wedding by providing something to the guests that they can use there and then is a phenomenal idea. Fans for the ceremony, Shawls or blankets to keep guests warm, Glasses for the guests to use during the event, or Flip Flops for dancing shoes are all things that will remind the guests how much they are cared for!

Awesome Favor

The guests leaving with a smile will make them always remember the wedding was EPIC! So couples getting married do yourself a favor by giving your guests the best favor!

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