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Complete Guide to Plan a Perfect Vacation Proposal

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Everyone loves a good vacation. The sun on your skin, the wind in your hair. It's the perfect time for couples to unwind and enjoy each other's company. What better time to propose than during a relaxing vacation?

A sweet "yes" is more than enough to cap off a perfect vacation get-away. In this blog we give you the complete guide to planning a perfect vacation proposal along with our best vacation proposal ideas.

Proposing on Vacation: Is it Really a Good Idea?

Vacation proposals are subject to debate by some. Is it really a good idea to jeopardize your vacation in the name of proposing? It has its pros and cons.

Many couples worry that proposing during a vacation may ruin your trip especially when the other isn't ready to say ‘Yes' just yet. It could be a little disheartening especially with all the time, effort, and resources put into planning a vacation.

For couples who are secure in their relationship, a vacation proposal can be a dream proposal. You won't have to plan a separate event to propose. Plus you get a picturesque backdrop for your proposal photos. You even get to spend the rest of your days together during that post-engagement high.

How to Propose on a Vacation

Deciding to propose on your vacation is one thing. Executing the perfect vacation proposal is another. A wedding proposal is a big deal.

You'll want to get the details ironed out for a proposal to remember. Here's a quick guide on how to propose on a vacation with style

1. Choose a destination

For a vacation proposal you'll want to set the best destination. Consider dream locations your partner may want to visit.

Do they have any favorite spots near your town? Are you planning to leave the country? Do you have any tourist spots that you both want to tick off of your bucket list? Choose a destination that you want to make memories in.

Pick a place that will give you the right vibe and enough time and space to relax and pop the big question. When you've decided, you can go right ahead and book a hotel or bed and breakfast. Choose one with a scenic view or a secluded area so you can have options for a public or an intimate proposal.

2. When to propose: before or after vacation?

One thing you have to decide on for a vacation proposal is when you're going to ask the big question. Would you want to propose before or after the vacation? There are pros and cons to both options.

If you want to set a relaxed tone to your vacation and cap it off with a big event, you may want to consider proposing towards the end of your trip. This can be a bit nerve-wracking for many of those planning to propose. If you're the type to overthink and worry, it's probably best to propose before your vacation. It may be best to propose at the start of the vacation so that they can relax for the duration of the trip.

3. Iron out the details

A proposal is something you only do once in your lifetime - if you do it right. So make sure you've got all the details ironed out. Make sure you've researched your location well.

It's best to double check reservations if you're planning to propose during a dinner or a lunch out. You will also want to keep your engagement ring close so that you can keep it a secret.

If you're planning a special themed proposal, or one that involves family and friends, you may want to enlist the help of a planner. You can also coordinate with your closest loved ones to help pull off your proposal.

Best Vacation Proposal Ideas

Planning a picture perfect vacation can be a lot. Making sure your proposal is one for the books and goes off without a hitch is even more challenging. If you're looking for ways for a romantic proposal, here are our best proposal ideas on vacation:

1. Beach vacation proposal ideas

Who doesn't love the beach? You'd want to book this destination too when you find out about all the unique vacation proposal ideas you can do at the beach.

Consider going on a seashell hunt. This will allow you to go for a long walk, enjoy each other's company, have a fun time or an intimate conversation.

You can hide your engagement ring somewhere near a memorable landmark and lead your partner towards it. When they find it, go down on one knee (if that's your thing) and pop the big question. Do this during a sunset for an added layer of romance.

If you're a more outdoors-y type, try doing an under-the-sea proposal. Go snorkeling or diving and propose underwater! You can hire your underwater photographers to capture the truly unique moment.

An added bonus tip: you can have your proposal question written on the sand. Get creative with your sand design and add some shell embellishments

2. Vacation Photoshoot

Here's a nice way to propose and document your partner's genuine reactions.

Hire a photographer to take vacation photos at a local tourist site. Pose for some nice photos under the guise of getting some tourist shots. While in the middle of your photo shoot, take the ring and propose.

Your partner won't know what's coming and you'll get photos of their instant reactions.

Not only will you get a fun surprise proposal, you'll also get to look back on the moment documented by a professional photographer. Because it's a staged photo shoot, you'll have an excuse for any decor set-up that may be put in place.

If you're vacationing somewhere shady or out at night, you could consider having a photoshoot set up with some backdrop lighting decor for some post-worthy photos.

3. Mountain top proposal

If you're the athletic type, you can go on a quick hike and find a nice mountain top spot with a nice view. Go down on one foot and pop the big question. If you like nature parks and reservations, you could consider proposing in the great outdoors. Pair it with a nice sunrise or sunset and it'll surely be a wedding proposal to remember. Another alternative, you could also do it at night for a starry backdrop to your proposal.

If you're not too much of a hiking fan, you can definitely plan a destination wedding with the same scenic view. Perhaps a rooftop view or a tourist spot like the eiffel tower. You can get creative with your destinations. If you want some documentation, consider bringing your camera and setting it somewhere near for a video recording of your romantic vacation proposal.

What to Say in your Proposal

It's usually easier to show your partner you love them. It can be quite a challenge to articulate your feelings and put them into words. Especially when it's something as big as a wedding proposal. There's no need to fret. As intimidating as it may seem, you only truly need to be genuine with your wedding proposal.

First off, you will want to write down your thoughts. You won't have to memorize it or read it off of a paper during the proposal. Writing down your thoughts will simply help you organize them and will make the actual proposal easier.

Make sure you sound like yourself. Give some personal and historical perspective on your relationship and your feelings towards someone.

Speak about how your relationship has grown and then talk about the future. Give some perspective on why you want to propose. End your case with a solid one liner on how you feel then pop the question.

Making your Vacation Proposal Memorable

We've run through our complete guide to plan a perfect vacation proposal. From deciding whether or not to propose during vacation, to the basic guidelines on planning one, to our best vacation proposal ideas. There are tons more ideas online.

A wedding vacation proposal can be one of the sweetest ways to propose. Whatever idea you choose in popping the big question, do it in style with the right attitude and the right event decor. We hope you've found something that's right up your alley as you venture into a new life milestone.

Guest Writer: Wendy Adams

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