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Tips to coordinate your wedding theme

It used to be the trend that brides would use color to accent their white wedding day décor. According to The Knot, however, in recent years, brides have started to lean more towards using full color on everything, from wedding invitations to the cake, and sometimes even the gown.

Coordinating a colorful wedding can be particularly difficult if you are not using a wedding planner or are using only day-of services. Nothing to fear! With our wedding day guide, you can make sure you tick all the boxes to have everything ready for a fabulous wedding.

Choose your location then your theme

It will be a lot easier to get inspired once you have settled on where you want to host your wedding. It is good to have a general idea of what colors you would like to use while you are searching venues to find the best fit. You might find a venue you love that does not fully fit with the idea you had in mind, you can switch up the shades a bit and mix it a bit to have a good match. Keep in mind that the emptier your location is, the more you can use (or not use) as far décor goes. This means, spaces like tents or converted warehouses are great bets for more thematic freedom. If you find a place you love, take it all in. Look at the surrounding spaces, and the existing decoration that to get inspired, so you don’t have to work against it and overspend on converting the whole space. Check out swatches at fabric stores, paint shops, or a Pantone book if you have access to one. For a quick preview and inspiration check out sites such as The Perfect Palette.

Mood, lighting, and season of the year

All three are very important when choosing your color theme. What emotions are you trying to evoke throughout your celebration? Do you want a high-energy party? A relaxing, oceanic vibe? There are a lot of ways to use your colors to add a little extra something, or to switch it up entirely. For example, neutral hues with a touch of peach can give a beach wedding a very romantic feel. Take that same palette and add some blue hues (think navy and periwinkle) and you have a classic, timeless setting for a desert wedding. Another thing to consider is seasonality. Think about the time of year and whether you want an elegant romantic affair or a fun tropical setting when picking your color scheme. If you have a couple of rooms available at your venue, you can even use different color schemes for each.

Where and how to use color

Now that you have found your venue and have a theme and colors in mind, it is time for the fun part!

Bridesmaid dresses

One way to clearly carry your theme throughout your ceremony and reception is by using your bridesmaids. They are an excellent, constant element of your event and can help you define a style. However, beware of matching too much with other elements of your wedding. Have fun with the dresses by having different shades of the same color! Sometimes having that mix can help bring your overall theme together even better.


Remember the mood and feelings you want to convey and set the stage with your invitations. Have fun with fonts, paper textures, colors and other details such as ribbons, fabric, and monograms.

Wedding Cake

Probably the easiest way to have fun with your theme- your wedding cake! This pièce de résistance can help you tie things together and make a delicious statement. It is easy to mix the colors to match your theme and you can incorporate things such as sugar flowers, spun caramel, and other captivating decorations.

Flowers and décor

Regardless of the theme you have chosen, odds are you will find colors and bloom shapes in the shade you desire. However, it doesn’t mean that they will be available for your wedding day. If your beautiful blooms happen to be rare during your wedding season, they can get quite expensive. No need to break your budget! You can use neutral-colored blooms arranged in containers that fit your theme.


This is your goodbye to your guests and an opportunity to thank them for accompanying you on this special day. As such, it is more important to give something meaningful rather than something that matches. However, it is a nice touch to add a little something with your wedding colors or that goes with your theme such as seashells for a beach wedding or tasty treats.

Other Details

For an overall effect, take into consideration other things that will be part of your wedding. For entertainment, hiring a good DJ or band and making sure they can work around your venue’s constraints can make or break the party. 

Making sure you rehearse any surprise performances at your venue before the day of the wedding. Let’s say you picked up a brand-new ukulele or took online guitar lessons to serenade your guests but you can’t set up your equipment or the room acoustics are all wrong.

The consensus is to review everything beforehand to make sure all works as it should. However, if something does happen remember that this is your day. You are getting married surrounded by your loved ones and in the end, that’s what matters.

Clarissa Fonseca enjoys music, design and traveling. Clarissa works for Equipboard.

Vendor Credits

Venue: Desert Botanical Garden, Photography: Julius Photography Floral: Kate Ryan Design, Paper goods: Be In Love Designs

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