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Elopement: Do You Still Need a Planner?

Bye-bye teenagers climbing down the trellis. So long wild crew roaring off to Vegas. There’s a

new elopement in town, and it’s here to make your dreams come true. Elopements, that once

clandestine, solitary pursuit, have become the new way of conducting the business of love.

Driven by the necessity of maintaining distance and keeping things small during the covid crisis,

couples are discovering the joys of a large-scale wedding combined with the thrill and intimacy

of an elopement by taking things on the road to ideal destinations matched to the couple’s desires

and with many of the indulgences of a mainstream wedding at their disposal.

So why bring a planner into the picture? Aren’t elopements supposed to be about spontaneity?

About do it yourself? That’s old school thinking. The new elopement still allows for a sense of

excitement and a couple-focused unique experience, but it also means that you don’t need to

cope with the stress of doing it yourself. An experienced elopement planner can take the burden

off of you and turn that sneak-away, justice of the peace humdrum into a once-in-a-lifetime

event. Here are some of the benefits an elopement planner can offer.

Getting to Know You

Today’s couples lead busy lives, and while a self-planned elopement may sound romantic, the

hours of planning, the searching online, contacting sites can wear on a couple’s happiness. A

planner can take the burden off of you so that you can relax. And modern elopement planners

take the time to get to know you so that your nuptials will be crafted to who you are as a couple.

Furthermore, because they have years of experience, an elopement planner may be able to offer

you novel ideas of where to go and what to do--perhaps things you’d never imagined!

It’s Not Just You They Know

Planning a wedding, even a small one, can be difficult when you travel. Elopement planners

make it their business to know the venues they recommend, to understand who provides the best

services (hair, makeup, venues) and who to avoid. This becomes particularly important if you’re

thinking of traveling abroad where there may be special legal requirements for marriage that you

don’t know. An experienced elopement planner will have all the details down, including

legalities, and will be able to remind you of important documents you’ll need.

Knowing Your Budget

An elopement planner will know your target budget and can help you avoid surprises in places

you’re not familiar with. An added benefit is that because they often work with trusted providers

in the venues they recommend, elopement planners have access to discounts you wouldn’t

otherwise receive.

A good elopement planner can find you photographers, florists, and activity providers at short

notice in places that would otherwise be strange to you, often at a price that saves you money.

Wrapping It All Up with a Bow

Finally, an elopement planner can package your wedding and honeymoon together into a

seamless dream experience. They can reserve your lodgings, put together your intimate

celebration, and book your post-nuptial activities in a packaged experience that saves you

planning two separate events.

So leave the neon lights of Vegas to another couple. You can have your intimate celebration in

the locale you’ve always desired, without hassle, without stress. Hire an elopement planner and

let them create an experience that will be a lifetime memory.

Guest Writer: Megan Glenn

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