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Gift Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Baby Shower

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

There’s no question that COVID-19 has rewritten the playbook, especially when it comes to

large gatherings. Nevertheless, some traditions don’t change regardless of the circumstances. If

you’re attending a baby shower — either virtually or in-person — you’re still going to need to get

a gift for the new bundle of joy. On top of that, if the parent-to-be is particularly Earth-conscious,

it can make the gift-buying experience that much more complicated.

Here are a few eco-friendly baby shower ideas to help ease the process, keep your costs down,

and still deliver a gift that will align with the lifestyle of the recipient.

Consider the Essentials

The truth is, a newborn baby does not need half the amount of stuff that modern culture would

have you think. That said, there are several essentials that you can safely consider gifting. For

instance, a well-stocked diaper caddie requires a plethora of items, including:

● Diapers: Consider both cloth and compostable disposable options depending on the

parent’s preferences.

● Wipes: Look for chemical-free wipes that are made with simple, natural ingredients.

● Diaper cream: Once again, make sure you’re getting a cream that is made with natural,

eco-friendly ingredients.

● Changing pads: Look for a pad made with organic and non-toxic materials.

Keeping to the eco-friendly theme, consider wrapping gifts like these in reusable, cloth

packaging — or better yet, deliver them in the caddie itself!

Ideas for the Little Blessing

If you want a splashier gift, you can look for some toys and other fun items for the bambino to

use once they’re born. A few eco-friendly considerations include:

● Board books: It’s never too early to equip a child with the pleasures of a good book.

● Wooden toys: Wooden toys are safe for children to play with and don’t have harmful

chemicals found in many plastics.

● Stuffed animals: Soft, plush toys are also safe for babies, though you’re going to want

to ensure that they were made with organic materials that don’t include pesticides or


● Clothes: It’s tempting to nab a cute outfit for the newborn — if you do so, make sure it’s

been sourced and manufactured with sustainable, organic materials.

The goal when purchasing eco-friendly toys is to find products that have been made

sustainably. Look for labels showing that products are made without BPA, VOC, lead, pesticide,

and so on.

Get Something for Mom

While the baby shower may be named after the new member of the family, everyone is well

aware of the fact that it’s the parents — and particularly Mom — that will be putting in the leg

work. With that in mind, consider getting an eco-friendly present to help her with the task. A few

ideas include:

● Butters and sprays: An organic nipple butter or perineal spray can show that you’re

looking out for mom as she recovers from the delivery and adjusts to breastfeeding.

● Makeup: A well-sourced organic or natural makeup can be just the thing to help mom

feel prepped and pulled together throughout the rest of her pregnancy and the early

days of motherhood.

● Restaurant gift cards: A more unique sustainable option is simply purchasing a gift

card to mom’s favorite restaurant as a way to save her some food-prep time either

before or after birth.

There are countless gift ideas for a parent-to-be. The important thing is to maintain that eco-

friendly angle as you pick something out.

Navigating Eco-Friendly Baby Showers in a Pandemic

A baby shower is always an interesting gift-buying experience. Each parent’s standards and

tastes tend to vary. When you add in the complications of a socially-distanced event and the

fact that a party is “green-themed,” picking something out can feel nearly impossible.

However, if you take the time to carefully consider your options, there are quite a few ways to

come through with a great gift. The main theme with the above suggestions simply revolves

around being thoughtful and doing some research beforehand. If you use these ideas as a

launching point, you should be able to find a thoughtful, eco-friendly gift that checks all of the

necessary boxes without difficulty.

Guest Writer: Noah Rue

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