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Gift It Out With Style for your special event!

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Bachelorette/Bachelor parties, friend trips, family trips, destination weddings all are trips that you plan for and the VIPs tend to get a gift. The bash could be one day or multiple days and no matter what amount of planning you or one of the attendees forget something needed for the bash. How do you prevent this from occurring? How can you pre plan for this?

Don't Stress - Let's Make a Plan

So first and foremost, let's make a list of what you need for your day or trip. Know what would make things easier. After looking at your list make a decision on picking something that you know your friends or family wouldn't think of to bring. Or just something that all in all would make the excursion seamless.

Order the Necessities

Knowing ahead of time what you want and ordering or purchasing it is key. With a group of people items and drinks can get mixed up or lost in the mix. So what could possibly make it easier? Giving the gift of something practical, fun and great for photos! Even better is Personalized gifts!

Pool or Beach Fun Gifts

Lounging out in the sun with your crew is a blast. To go into the day with ease remember your sunblock, towels and water. Enhancing the fun you might want to get the ladies custom Sun hats, tote bags or Insulated Wine Tumblers. Or for the guys consider sunglasses, custom koozies or a football to throw around. They make for great photos as well as keeping track of what belongs to who.

Camping, Hiking and Exploring Gifts

A camping trip isn't a camping trip without Smore's around a campfire. But to get to that point of the trip you will need to travel the distance. Plan on the trip with coolers and thermos water bottles. Or for the man's man a personalized Hatch from Groomsday.

It's Time

You have planned for this event and got the right tools. You have now given your entourage the gifts. All that is left is just to have a good time!

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