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Have Fun and Get Creative with Signage

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Now a days it is all about personalizing your wedding. Adding touches here and there making it specifically for your wedding and your wedding only. How can you make it more special or more fun do you ask... Let me give you some direction, it's signage!

Planning the big day you might think of having all the traditional things guest books, gift table, photos, ceremony, cocktail hour, dancing, etc. Why not make some of those standard items more fun and creative by adding a funny or informational sign. Check out some of the suggestions below:

Guest Book

You might have a traditional guest book that friends and family simply sign which you might just have a wooden sign that just says "guestbook". While others might do a polaroid camera station where you might want to have a sign say, "Snap It, Shake It and Stick It".


Directing guests where the gift table is and if there is a basket or box made for cards is great. As some just do not know where they go and then they hold on to them throughout the night and forget to give them to someone. So make it known where they go!


Let your friends and family know they made it to the right location with a sign saying Welcome to so and so's wedding. You can keep it wooden or more modern with an acrylic welcome sign.


Where is the wedding? Don't let your guests get lost, give them some direction. And rather than just arrows have a fun saying to grab their attention.

This way to the I Do's and the Kiss!

Can I Get a Witness?


You have probably hired a great photographer and videographer, right? Which means you probably can't wait to get the photos back from your wedding. Well your ceremony now tends to be captured by more than just the hired professionals, as everyone has a cell phone. So you might consider to have your guests not take photos and make it an unplugged ceremony.

Please honor our wishes No Photos until we are pronounced Mr. & Mrs!


Sometimes loved ones leave us too early and we wish they could have been there on the special day. Which maybe you thought of putting photos up, a floral arrangement or candle. So your guest know what that is meant for you could add a sign saying, "In honor of those watching from heaven" or "We know you would be here today if heaven weren't so far away".


Ceremony is over and everyone is ready for a cocktail. They head to the bar and what would be better than to give them a chuckle with a sign that reads "Open Bar - Tonight's drinks are free, Tomorrow's Stories will be priceless!"


Ladies you have made it most of the night and your feet are already hurting you and now you really want to dance. You fortunately see a area by the dance floor with flip flops and a sign that reads...

A little treat for your dancing feet

Kick off your heels

Save your soles and dance

Which now all I can say is - Trust me you can dance!


It's the end of the night and you have a little take away gift. You could just label them as favors but isn't something like "Treat Yo Self" so much more entertaining!

There are so many ways to make your wedding your own. Have fun, be snarky and make it your own!

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