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How to Use the 2024 Pantone Color of the Year in Your Wedding

Updated: Jan 29

By Tammy Pitts

Peach Fuzz is Pantone’s 2024 color of the year, and brides everywhere are excited and eager to embrace the hype and buzz around this warm and sensual color. The gentle pinkish-orange hue is perfect for summer and tropical destination weddings but would be equally alluring and unexpected in a fall ceremony. Here are some ways to get creative with the inviting shade.

Why Peach Fuzz?

Let’s start with the color itself. Why is there so much fuss over peach fuzz?

For starters, the color screams radiance and elegance. Peach fuzz is a pinkish-orange or soft peach hue that blends the warmth, friendliness, and energy of pastel orange with the tenderness and playfulness of pink. Officials with the Pantone Color Institute say peach fuzz echoes the innate yearning for closeness and connection.

Peach Fuzz Wedding Invitations

If you plan to embrace this color in your 2024 wedding plans, start with your invitations. Choose invitations and stationery that feature peach fuzz tones. Whether it’s the main color or an accent, pairing it with gold gives the hue a touch of luxury.

Photo By: Melissa Ivy Photography

Floral Choices

Peach Fuzz is a beautiful color for floral arrangements. For a distinctive bouquet, think of peach roses, peonies, or dahlias paired with dark green foliage.

Bridal Party

For your bridesmaids, select elegant dresses that are peach-colored or blue with a pop of peach on the embroidery. Introduce peach fuzz accents in their accessories, like shoes, purses, or bouquets, to maintain a unified theme. For grooms and groomsmen, peach fuzz ties or pocket squares can add a subtle but charming touch.

Photo By: Robert Godridge Photography

Signature Cocktails

Extend your color theme to your beverages. Craft signature cocktails that incorporate peach flavors or colors, utilizing the peach fuzz theme. Think peach bellinis. There’s nothing like a great glass of bubbly peach bellini for a celebratory champagne toast.

Wedding Cake Design

Collaborate with your baker to create a cake that mirrors your color palette. A white base can be adorned with decorations in peach fuzz and other chosen hues. Pair it with edible gold leaf or white lace patterns for an elegant look.

Reception Decor

Create enchanting tablescapes with peach fuzz elements contrasted against linens and centerpieces. For the perfect outdoor wedding, opt for warm lighting to enhance the ambiance and highlight the elegant peach tones.

Photo by: Ivonne & Travis Photography

Wedding Favors

As a token of thanks, gift your guests with peach-flavored treats or items that reflect the essence of your wedding and color story. What you decide to send them home with is up to you, but you can’t go wrong with an elegant box of peach-flavored gummy bears or a charcuterie box filled with snacks and sweet peaches.

Peach fuzz is a color that symbolizes new beginnings, warmth, and connection, making it a perfect choice for your big day. If you’re newly engaged—Congratulations! We’d love to help you plan an unforgettable wedding.

Tammy has an extensive background in journalism, media relations, social media strategy, marketing, and brand management. She resides in Michigan with her family which includes her two sons and their Goldendoodle, Max. In her free time, she loves to read and travel.

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