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Ideas for Useful Favors

Ideas for Useful Favors

Ever been to  a wedding where the ceremony is in the middle of the day outside? Or to an event that was in the evening in winter and it was chilly? Wouldn't it be great if there were some forward thinking of what might be needed and actually provided there for your guests as favors? It would be great and more than great it would be impactful!

Ideas or Favors for Hot Seasons

If it is hot you might want to consider fans. I am not necessarily talking huge rentable industrial fans but hand held fans that can either fold up or even fans that are also programs. The program fans are fun as you can customize the information of your wedding party and the ceremony details to more details on the rest of the events.

Another idea for if it is hot is a cold refreshing welcome beverage. Having a drink that is hand passed or a station to pick up will not just hydrate your guests but will make them feel welcomed into a great experience.

For those bright and sunny days you might consider sunglasses for your guests. Which since you would need a bunch you can do a bulk order process with Warby Parker.  Or some also like to have parasols for guests to use before, during and after the ceremony. The only thing to keep in mind is that you might need quite a few of them as well as spacing for if guests are sitting with them. As you wouldn't want your guests not being able to see your ceremony due to the parasols.

If it is Chilly or Rainy

When the clouds roll in sometimes the panic of how to keep the guests dry does too.  Renting tents or canopies for outside functions can help with this. Having umbrellas available is an incredibly smart idea. For photo purposes consider clear or solid colors.

In cooler temperatures sometimes people underestimate how cool it might be or the lack of warmth the outfit is that they might be wearing. So blankets or pashminas can be a perfect gift and fantastic way to keep your guests warm.

Some may even want to provide hand warmers that can be held or placed in the pockets. Or if you are getting married in a cooler state maybe even consider mittens.

Take your guests to the most comfortable they can be...

Even if your guests weren't prepared for your wedding day, you were! Considering some of these little details can make the day for your guests. Which can be one of the leading reasons why your wedding might be the best day wedding that they have ever been too. And will be the most memorable for all the right reasons. Take your forward thinking and make your day the most comfortable day!

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