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Making gifts special and personalized

While planning a wedding there are so many important people that play a role leading up to and on the special day. Finding them the perfect gift or thank you may not always be the easiest job. Will it be something they like? Will it be something they can use? Do you want something that goes along with the wedding day? Can it be personalized? So many things to think about!

Who To Consider

Before ordering gifts you need to get an idea who are you buying for. Make a list out so you don't forget someone. Also, this will make shipping easier as well. Wedding party, parents, siblings, wedding day helpers, children, readers maybe even your wedding vendors. Some may even consider with Micro weddings and Elopements doing for the entire guest list. Which could also be used for seating assignments for dinner or a swag bag at the exit.

What Women Might Want

For the ladies some may consider a gift that can be used on the day and anytime after the day. Like these perfect IceShaker Personalized Bottles or these great Canvas Totes. With a selection of colors and prints. While others might consider something that can be worn for getting ready and pre dress photos. Pajama's, shirts and robes are perfect for that! If it is something that can be worn, do consider that they will be getting their hair done and you would not want to pick something that will mess it up when they change.

Game Plan for the Guys

Now sometimes gifts for guys can be a bit more challenging for something they can use on the wedding day. However, most guys like to have a cocktail or some fizzy beverages which may lead them to need an awesome Personalized Cooler! Of course fun socks, personalized shirts, cufflinks, and watches are great for items that can be used on the wedding day. Keep in consideration that some of the groomsmen or family could be coming from a far and need a travel Duffle Bag. Although this might be something that is sent to them before their trip, it would be the perfect bag for them.

Where to Shop or Get Ideas

There are lots of other ideas and suggestions that can be found at these two amazing sites Bridesmaid Gift Boutique and Groovy Groomsmen Gifts. Want to make your life easier then we strongly urge you to check them out and select your perfect gifts for those you love and care about! You might even find something there for you too.

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