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It’s Not Just A Wedding; It’s Your Wedding!

You are unlike anyone else. To have the wedding of your dreams, make sure they are your dreams.  Every couple has their own personality, dreams, goals, and talents. Yet, many weddings end up being cookie-cutter weddings. These are weddings where the bride wears the white gown, the bridesmaids and groomsmen are dressed traditionally, and the bridal bouquet is made of roses. This is beautiful and lovely if it represents the true nature of the couple.

These traditions all stemmed from something at some time. For example, Until Queen Victoria wore a white (traditional style) wedding gown to her wedding, it was rarely done. A bride married in her best dress of any color (unless her best dress was green, then it was considered bad luck). Today’s couples no longer need to conform to these traditions. Weddings can and should be a unique reflection of each unique couple.

Who are you?

When you decide on a theme for your wedding, you are branding it. You are announcing to the world, “This is us, come and celebrate!” To choose the theme for your wedding, you have to look deep within. What brings a thrill to mind? If you could live anywhere and at any time, where would you be? Do you love the winding staircase of a southern plantation? Does your heart flutter at the thought of an elegant Victorian style venue? Do you think a fun outdoor barn wedding is the best of everything? Maybe you are somewhere in the middle with an artsy, wine vineyard attitude.

Once you answer these questions, your theme will become obvious.

Colors trending for 2018

Pastels have held the trends for bridesmaids dresses for decades. This year they are back but with a bit of a twist. Look for dusty colors. Dusty rose and dusty blue are very popular, but they are far from your only options. Look for dust sage and misty green. Lavenders and shades of lilac are making an appearance as well. Take a look at this website for hot colors for 2018.

Honeyfund honeymoon registry

Honeyfund was the first and is by far the best online honeymoon registry. It is user friendly and free for you and your guests. You can list any traditional item you need and even link it to a brick and mortar store. Or, you can list non-traditional items like a honeymoon dinner cruise on the river or a night in the honeymoon suite at a bed and breakfast. The site is easy to use and you can customize it to your taste.

Put sparkles from the very beginning of the marriage

It’s your wedding, you have been planning it, everyone close to you are involved, the day can cause a lot of stress even if you plan every single detail to the perfection!

Relax, enjoy, how the hours are passing by you will be more and more calmed and cheered!

Remember that, even though you are the main point of the day, it is YOUR day too - meaning you need to have time your yourself and your spouse/husband.

The non-destination wedding

A new trend that is sweeping the nation is the non-destination wedding. This is for the couple who would like to have a destination wedding, but for whatever reason, cannot. Perhaps your dream wedding would have been in Paris. Bring Paris to your wedding! Instead of tradition seating, place French cafe tables and traditional cafe chairs for your guest. Serve French food, coffees, and wines. Have traditional French music playing during dinner. Use a venue with a big screen and have films of life in France going on around you.

With this theme, you can have a wedding on the beach in Hawaii or on a mountain in Switzerland. You can have a starlight ceremony on a rooftop in New York City or a wedding in a castle in Ireland. With a little planning, you can have anything you want, anywhere you want, in any time period you want.

If you are going for a 2018 trendy wedding, think flowers and lots of greenery. Florists are making arrangements that surround the entryway or door at the venue entrance. Even vine work draping from the ceiling and walls. The entire venue is alive with nature for the bride of 2018.

This is your wedding. Make it a day that you will cherish forever.

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