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How to Prepare Your Newlywed Home While Planning Your Wedding

Prepare for your Home

Wedding planning is beyond stressful, especially if you’re doing it all on your own. There are so many things you have to take into account up until the very last minute. By the time it’s all over and you’ve said, “I do,” you won’t want to think about anything else.

But, wait. Life doesn’t stop after the wedding. What about the honeymoon? What about when you return?

As much as you wish that there wasn't something to plan beyond your nuptials, you’ll be in an unfortunate situation if you don’t. The most important thing you’ll want to plan for at the same time as your wedding is your newlywed home. Upon the return from the honeymoon, you’ll want to be settled and comfortable so you can relax with your spouse.

It’s easier said than done. You may feel like you don’t have the time to spare in the chaos of your wedding prep. If you start early enough and follow these tips, you’ll be able to successfully prepare your newlywed home in plenty of time.

Take your registry seriously

The temptation of going crazy for your wedding registry is hard to beat. You’ll want to add funky items that you’d never actually buy yourself and scan the biggest ticket items. But be warned, if your registry is all over the place, people will probably just pick out something themselves.

Take your registry seriously and only add realistic items that you really need. This way, you’ll make sure that people purchase your actual necessities and do most of the decorating for you. Check out this guide on what to add to your registry so you don’t miss a thing!

Plan a housewarming party in advance

Even if you aren’t living in your home prior to the wedding, plan a housewarming party before the big day to celebrate. If you don’t have the energy to add another party to mix, combine it with another planned function.

For example, tell your friends that you want the theme of your engagement party to be house-related items. Some people even do Christmas-themed parties to start stocking up on their holiday decor!

Getting this out of the way early gives you plenty of time to set things up, put them in their place, and have a head start to a finished home.

Get your bedroom ready to go

If there’s one room you’ll want to be fully finished for your return from the honeymoon it’s the bedroom. First off, you’re celebrating being newly married so let’s not pretend we don’t realize the bedroom will be a popular venue. It’s also important to know you’ll have a place to sleep when you move in.

Start with a bed you can both agree on. There are a variety of types of beds and different types of sleepers have different preferences. If one of you has back pain, you may prefer something more firm whereas people who like to cuddle up on their side and sink in the bed may want something that feels more like a hug. If you two exist in different groups, it may seem challenging to find a happy medium, but marriage is all about compromise, after all!

Next, you’ll have to make sure both of your sleeping needs are being met. Do you need a fan? Do you want heavy bedding or lighter, more breathable blankets? Is a white noise machine the key to helping you drift into sweet dreams? Sleep is a serious matter, so make sure you have real conversations about your needs and can both get cozy at night.

Plan your meals

One of the big causes for arguments between couples is deciding what to eat for dinner. Eliminate the possibility that this hard decision will cause any early arguments between you two and plan your meals ahead.

One way to do this is by cooking all of your meals in advance for at least the first week. You can cook meals together and freeze them before you leave for your honeymoon. That way, you get to spend some fun time together bonding over making your meals and come home without having to think about what you’ll eat for dinner.

Another option is to setup a meal delivery service! Sure, it may be more pricey than grocery shopping yourself, but you can’t deny the convenience it offers.

Ask a family member for help

Know when it’s time to call in reinforcements. If there's anytime you can expect a positive response asking someone for help, your wedding season is the time. People will likely be willing to lend a hand if you simply ask.

While you’re gone on your honeymoon, ask a family member or friend to help move your wedding gifts into your home. When you arrive from your honeymoon, you can spend time opening your gifts together and finding their place in your new home.

If there are any last-minute touches that need to be handled while you’ll be gone such as dealing with fixing broken appliances, getting services turned on, or any other things that would be too much of a hassle while you’re honeymooning away, this is another great time to ask your loved ones to step in.

Happily ever after starts the day you say, “I do.” With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to properly prepare your home and start living the life of your dreams without any added stressors.

Author’s bio: Ashley Little is on the editorial team at, a mattress reviews site that helps others find their best night of sleep each night.

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