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Suit Up

There isn't a siren or light beam shining into the night sky telling you it's time to suit up in that special attire. As we are not asking the Super Hero's to suit up, we are calling the groom or anyone that might need suit or accessories for your event to get ready! Have you considered all the different parts of attire you need? Here we are going to make it easy, like a one stop shop. Who doesn't love that?


Alright the most known item needed, the suit! I bet you said it before reading it, huh? Decide first if you are doing a tux or a suit. That can usually be decided by how formal you want your event to be. Next is who might need one... the groom, groomsmen, fathers, ring bearers, maybe a grooms woman (if you have opted for them not to wear a dress), and don't forget the pups that might make an appearance. So now what are the essentials needed? Suit, vest, shirt, suspenders, belt and shoes. Okay after deciding who and all that is needed where could you find all of it? Some consider to go to a store and order in person while others like to do online. Which one thing that is great for online is if your wedding party doesn't live locally they can place their order with a click of a button.


Okay you and your party are dressed but the outfit isn't complete yet. You still need to select your tie. Is it going to be a bowtie or regular tie? Do you want the matching pocket squares? Consider when you are getting pocket squares how you want them folded in the pocket. Making a suggestion to have them pre folded and pressed is a time saver and will look the best in photos on your special day. before you can put your shoes on you need socks. Will they be basic black or are you wanting something more personalized and fun?

The Extra Flair

No you don't need the 15 pieces of flair like in Office Space but might just want to add a dash of something. The tie bar, lapel pin and/or cuff links can give the final touches to the look as a whole. Or maybe you need to give gifts to your wedding party as well and want to consider flasks, watches or wallets.

One Stop

Yes, we said you can get all these from one place. Yes, you can get it all online. So why not make life easier and go check out . Go and start selecting and customizing the special attire needed and get that checked off your list of things to do.

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