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Things To Do The Day Of Your Wedding

By the time your wedding day comes, most things have been checked off of your list. Guests

have been invited, vendors are decided, and it seems like the stress of planning is melting

away. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to be done the day of, here are

things to keep in mind the morning of your wedding.

Give your wedding party their gifts. The day of your wedding, it’s tradition to gift your wedding party with something special to thank them for the time they have dedicated to your wedding festivities. Your bridesmaids will appreciate a timeless piece of jewelry, while the guys might love to have a new tie clip and cufflinks to supplement their outfits.

Eat a good meal. Eating a solid breakfast and staying on top of water consumption the morning of your wedding is a pertinent tip to having energy all day. The nerves can be crazy, the day will get busy, and the alcohol might be flowing… so be sure to get at least one good meal in before the day starts, and keep a cute bottle nearby to remind you to drink water.

Get yourself ready. Duh! Of course, you want to look your best for your wedding day! You are

marrying the love of your life and the photos from today will last a lifetime. Most brides use

hairstylists and makeup artists to help them the day of. But, if you’re not, come equipped with

essential tools to make yourself photo-ready. For the groom, remember to pack a bag filled with all of the hair products, as well as a razor and shaving tools you’ll need to get yourself ready!

Practice your wedding vows. If you’re writing your own vows to one another make sure you practice them. Even though these vows are spoken directly to your fiancé it can still feel like a public speech when they’re said in front of your guests. Practicing them once or twice before your ceremony will help you prepare to speak them slowly and clearly when the time is here.

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