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Underrated Ways to Enjoy Your Time Being Engaged

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

All too often, an engagement period is full of hectic wedding plans, possibly buying a home, or just planning for marriage in general. Although all of these are wonderful, once you and your fiancé are married, your relationship won’t ever go through this stage again. You don’t need to abandon other important events and plans but take the time to enjoy being engaged so that you’ll carry fond memories of this special time with you forever. Here are five proactive ways that you can appreciate this phase of your relationship and get your marriage off on the right foot.

Establish Priorities and Expectations Early On

This might sound like a real bummer of a thing to do while your engaged, but it’s a key factor for ensuring that things go smoothly from the beginning. Delegate duties, create a budget, and don’t stray from the plan unless absolutely necessary. By doing this, you lay all expectations on the table, saving you lots of stress and lowering your chances of getting into a disagreement.

Stay in Each Other’s Corner

One of the keys to a fulfilling marriage is to always remain a united front. For example, don’t run to your best friend to vent about how frustrated you are with wedding planning with your fiancé. It’s always best to talk directly and honestly with each other to clear the air. Joining in marriage means you join families, and that means both of your parents will be involved in your wedding plans. And they will have opinions. There will be many other people involved, too, including bride’s maids, groomsmen, and possibly other family members. Just keep in mind that this wedding is for you and your fiancé. No one else.

Take Breaks

Learning this lesson well before you get married will save you both a lot of headaches and heartaches. When you’re getting frustrated with the planning process, take that as an indicator that you need to take a break from the situation. This simple, but extremely valuable, lesson about negotiating certain topics will carry you through plenty of difficult moments in the future. Go ahead and plan for going out once a week for a date, with no wedding talk allowed.

Take a Few Weeks Off

Before you start selecting a wedding venue, looking for a dress, house-hunting, or finding the best home warranty, set aside at least a couple of weeks to simply enjoy each other’s company. Once you get busy with all the planning involved in getting married and settling into a home, you should take some time to remember why you’re getting married in the first place. Then, when you’re ready to start planning, take it slow. Sit together over your morning coffee or cuddle up on the couch with a glass of wine, just to browse wedding magazines or Pinterest for inspiration. Begin creating a plan, but don’t take on everything at once.

Remember Why

There will be times when you get overwhelmed in the planning process - no doubt about it. Remember that everything you do in this process should be centered around your love story, however, not the flavor of the cake, the kind of centerpieces, or the lighting. Be willing to compromise so that every aspect of your wedding truly reflects who you are as a couple. Your wedding day will come sooner than you expect, so take some time to enjoy simply being engaged. The next chapter of your story is right around the corner.

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