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Weddings a Decade ago to Now

Everything evolves and changes, weddings are no different! Over the past decade, weddings have grown and changed so much. Just say these days the pressure is on to be extravagant, unique and an experience from start to end. Let's take a look down memory lane and see how weddings differ from then to now.

The Engagement

Back in the day, the private proposal was in fashion. A small intimate dinner with an announcement to close family and friends was the way to go. Now it’s the bigger the better with performance. Also, having it captured by a hidden photographer to share with friends, family and social media. Giving the proposal the ability on going viral on instagram, complete with a unique hashtag. 

Women’s Attire

Only ten years ago we were seeing brides in classic white gowns accompanied by bridesmaid dresses of identical color and fit. Now we see more brides embracing ivory, blush, and other subtly colored dresses. Dress styles for brides now have many more options. Also, the bridesmaid dresses have been selected to flatter every individual from color to cut. As a result making each girl their own individual. 

Men’s Attire

Before the internet was such an integral part of the wedding planning process, men would have to go down to their local tailor and purchase a formal and complete fitted suit or tuxedo. These days, gentlemen everywhere can find and rent great stylish suits or tuxes with casual accents. A great site that has some great options for this is the Black Tux ! Another fun trend is fun and crazy socks to superhero shirts underneath the dress shirts. 


Simple budget friendly decorations with splashes of elegance used to be the norm in the wedding world.  More and more we see the incorporation of themes complete with crafty and personalized details.


Traditional ceremonies were often held in a house of worship with a reception to follow in a hotel ballroom or a country club. While modern ceremonies are now held in the same area as the reception.  Often a scenic location like mountains, resorts with gorgeous grounds, gardens, barns, and so many more. 


In the past, couples would only turn to vendors for essentials and the rest would be covered with the help of family and friends. Now everything is essential- having the perfect vendor to match the couples style, vibe and vision. With so many different options there is a higher level of importance on having the right vendors, hence hiring a professional planner!

Food and Beverage

Wedding food used to be centered around catered menus served in a family dinner setting accented by a tiered wedding cake. These days we see more novelties like food trucks, pizza bars, and dessert tables that add a flare of creativity and individuality to the wedding scene. A wedding now almost wouldn't be complete without a late night snack to really keep the experience going throughout the whole day. 

So Many Changes with More to Come

With so much changing and moving with the times, weddings are bound to continue evolve. Which means we will see more trends, unique ways to make the day different and of course technology ever altering how decisions are made and planning will be accomplished.



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