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5 Things You Should Add to Your Wind down Routine

Struggling to fall asleep is something that affects millions and millions of adults each year all across the country. Conditions such as sleep anxiety and insomnia are becoming more and more common. Increased stress, economic or financial difficulties, personal issues, and even health problems can all attribute to these complications. But there are some very simple therapeutic techniques that you can introduce into your end of the night routine which can greatly assist you in getting a longer and fuller rest cycle.

Most of us get a significantly less amount of sleep than we actually need to function at our most efficient. Many of us think proving to our bosses that we can be counted on to put in endless hours at the office if necessary is important. Well, the fact is that working or performing critical operations at a job when you are suffering from sleep deprivation is simply asking for a major mistake or oversight to occur and ultimately threaten your employment. Understanding the importance of enhancing your relaxation and calm before going to bed, here are a few effective methods of increasing your ability to drift off to sleep easier:


This is something that many people are beginning to include in their evening ritual. Depending on which specific type of mediation you intend to practice, or perhaps you plan to mix them all in, you will be learn to do anything from reducing stress to being able to start shutting your mind down. This is one of the major symptoms of sleep anxiety for many sufferers; a racing mind as you lie there awake in bed.

Turning Off Devices

One of the biggest causes of people developing issues with sleep is the way we use our devices. Many of us go pretty much right up to the point of falling asleep with our phone or some kind of tablet in our hands. Right before closing our eyes for the night, we are glaring at blue screens. The light put off by the screens on our devices interfere with the brains’ production of melatonin.

Essential Oils

Certain fragrances promote relaxation and offer soothing smells and properties. Essential oils can be applied to certain parts of the body to produce these same results, as can inhalation methods as well.

White Noise

A technique that many people who struggle with sleep issues highly recommend is introducing some kind of white noise to your bedroom setting. Anything that you find comforting and relaxing will work. It might be a thunderstorm or a fan noise that most puts you at ease.

Reading Prior to Bed

Another good practice that also helps promote better sleep is to read for fifteen to twenty minutes just prior to bed. Unlike TV and phones, there is no electronic hue to nullify your natural sleep receptors, it actually exercises and relaxes your eyes, and gives your brain a chance to wind down as well. Additionally, it’s just a nice and peaceful way to end a day.

Guest Writer: Krista Harper

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