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7 Tips for Marrying Your Sweetheart in Retirement

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Did you happen to meet someone special after retiring? Lots of people find true love in their golden years! If you’ve been flying solo for a while, combining your life with someone else’s can take some adjusting. These suggestions from Meant 2 Be Events will help you find the ideal place to live, form an LLC if you choose to start a collaborative business, and even make crucial plans for long-term care.

1. Choose a Place to Live

You and your spouse might have owned or rented your own properties before getting married. While some senior couples who marry in their golden years choose to keep living independently, you may want to find a home where you can comfortably live together!

If you’re searching for a new place to live, consider moving into an apartment building with elevators and security systems. By choosing an apartment, you won’t have to maintain a yard or handle your own home repairs, either. You can make a list of features you want and then browse online listings together to find the right space.

2. Find the Perfect Place to Celebrate

Finding love at any age is worth celebrating, but don’t try to organize the celebration yourself. Let the professionals help! Meant 2 Be Events offers full service event coordination for a gorgeous wedding ceremony where you don’t have to lift a finger… which is exactly the way it should be!

You can even create a video to share at the big event using a combination of original video footage, pictures you took, and stock photography. There’s a lot of stock footage out there that will provide beautiful transitions and context, like location-specific footage you didn’t think to take on your last trip. You will be amazed by how well everything flows together when you’ve added these royalty-free clips.

3. Organize Your New Shared Space

Happily cohabitating after a long stint of independence takes effort! explains that you’ll need to get used to each other’s habits and routines. You’ll also want to declutter your belongings and keep your home organized so that it doesn’t feel cramped. Sort through your personal items and decide what you want to hold on to and what you can donate.

4. Earning Money in Retirement

You don’t have to go back to working full-time to earn some extra money in retirement. But starting a joint business could be a great way to beef up your household cash flow while spending more time together! You could become consultants and offer your services on a freelance basis while maintaining a flexible schedule.

Before taking on clients, consider forming an LLC for your business, which will grant you tax breaks and limited liability. Every state has its own formation requirements, so look up the rules for your state prior to filing your documents.

5. Update Your Will

If you already had a will, you will need to update your plans for estate distribution after getting married. And if you didn’t have one, now is a great time to create one together. FindLaw recommends that you and your spouse create a new will for simplicity’s sake.

6. Planning for Long-Term Care

You may already have some thoughts about what you would do should you need long-term care. But now that you’re sharing your life with someone else, it’s crucial that you ensure you have financial coverage if you or your spouse require care in the future. The AARP recommends getting in touch with an insurance agent to explore your options for long-term care insurance.

7. Balance Your Social Circles

You and your spouse have your own families, and you have your own circles of friends, too. Now that you’ve tied the knot, you’ll need to balance time with both groups. Make sure to split family time fairly around the holidays, and seek out opportunities to introduce your friends. You may want to invite all of your friends over for a birthday or housewarming party or ask both of your families to visit you during the holidays.

Embrace the Changes New Love Brings

If you meet and marry your sweetheart in retirement, you’ll share this beautiful chapter of your life with someone you love. However, marriage also brings some financial and logistical tasks you’ll need to manage. With these tips, you’ll be able to move into a new property together, create an LLC for your own business, and introduce your social circles!

Guest Writer: Alexandra Teeter

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