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How to Avoid Weight Gain Before Your Wedding

Preparing for a wedding with all the different things that need to be taken into consideration can take a toll. The anxiety of all the things that need to be done can lean to frown lines and comfort eating. The latter can be particularly problematic on one’s quest to look their personal best on their big day. This article will look at ways to be sure you don’t put on extra weight prior to the day.

Reduce Stress and Risk of Comfort Eating

Many of us comfort eat when stressed. One moment we are frowning over a vendor that was already booked and the next, we have eaten approximately 15 cookies. Now leaving us sitting on the couch covered in chocolate and shame.

Planning everything in advance and being organized helps reduce wedding stress and your risk of comfort eating. Know you want to go to the Bahamas on your honeymoon next year? Book now, far in advance to ensure that you get the best pick of the resorts. Relieving you from stressing about it at the last minute. As soon as the big question is popped, start browsing for themes, colors, and ideas Be prepared for when you start planning and hire your wedding planner.  

Say NO to Junk Food

No more trips to five guys, no more In ‘n’ Out burgers and definitely no huge greasy breakfasts at Denny’s. For this period, try and avoid junk food completely. It can be tempting to just grab something quick when balancing work and wedding planning but don’t do it. If in a hurry and need to grab something quick, grab a salad or a club sandwich. Craving meat and burgers, preparing your own patties is a lot healthier.

Watch the Wine

Getting married, planning for your big day and organizing your honeymoon is cause for happiness and celebration, right? Of course it is! While in the celebratory spirit be mindful of watching the alcohol intake. One little glass of wine here and there may seem like an innocent little indulgence but alcohol is one of the most unhealthy and calorific things you could consume. On average, there are more than 100 calories in one little glass of vino!

Eat Less Carbs

The way our body processes carbs makes it easier for us to gain a little more cushion. To minimize the risk of struggling into the big white dress on the big day, try and cut down on your carb intake. It is easy to make small changes in your diet to avoid carbs. Instead of toast at breakfast, enjoy Greek yogurt with fruit and honey. Instead of cake for dessert, opt for a lighter alternative.

Eat Smaller Portions

Find yourself cooking enough pasta to feed all of Italy yet allowing yourself to eat it all anyway, expect to be in for a problem. Experts say to leave the dinner table when you feel 80% full and definitely do not keep pushing yourself to finish everything. Try to practice eating little and often rather than wolfing down huge monstrous portions once or twice a day.

Plan Your Meals  

In line with eating smaller portions, it also helps to plan your meals. This way, you won’t be having to rustle something up at the last minute when you are lost on what you want to eat. This avoids the risk of eating something for convenience that may not be all that healthy. It also minimizes the chance of allowing yourself to get really, really hungry and having to resort to junk food.

Eat Slowly

If you eat too fast and you scoff down your food like the world is about to end then you are at a greater risk of overeating. Eating slowly is actually something advised by experts and nutritionists. When you eat fast, your body doesn’t register your food consumption quickly enough to keep up with what you’ve eaten and so, you might end up eating more than what your body actually wants or needs.

Get Active

Exercise is of course one of the best ways to burn those calories and ward off pesky belly fat. No need to turn into a super fitness freak to see the benefits of exercise. Even just incorporating some additional brisk walks into your routine can make a noticeable difference both in helping you to lose weight, and in helping to maintain your current shape ready for your big day.

As you will note, you don’t have to incorporate major changes into your diet and lifestyle in order to reap the rewards. All or any combination of the above will be a massive help in ensuring that you look just and fell like you have always dreamed about being on your magical day.

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