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Can a wedding celebration be both sustainable and luxurious?

Photo by Jayson Valentine

A sustainable wedding lends itself well to a minimalistic theme. But what if you want to create a more lavish celebration, whilst still staying true to your eco-friendly values?

Despite what you may think, you can have a luxurious wedding celebration without investing in lots of new items. It might require you to get a little creative, but the end result – an awe-inspiring, sustainable celebration – is totally worth it. Need some inspiration? Here’s how you can make your wedding both impressive and planet-friendly.

Shop secondhand fashion

A beautifully tailored wedding dress made from high-quality materials will scream luxury – but it’s bound to be expensive. You’ll want to avoid falling into the trap of purchasing a much cheaper fast-fashion dupe, and instead, opt to borrow your luxury dress from somebody else, or buy it from a secondhand store. You can take the same approach to your veil, jewelry and shoes.

Not only is this a great way to grab a bargain on designer items, but you’ll also be giving used clothes a second life, ensuring they don’t end up in landfill. Remember to recycle your outfit once you’ve worn it, so another bride can stay true to their sustainable vision.

Choose an eco-friendly venue

Sustainable wedding venues come in all shapes and sizes, from lowkey restaurants and rustic barns to large, glamorous hotels and vast country estates. So, finding a spot that fits your luxury vision is easy – just make sure you check your chosen venue’s eco credentials before booking.

Most venues will share their sustainability policies on their website. But if not, you can always figure out where they stand by getting in touch. Ask about their approach to things like recycling, waste management and energy conservation, and discern whether or not they have any accreditations to gauge whether your chosen venue is the right one for you.

Pick a local caterer

A luxury wedding isn’t complete without a traditional three-course meal. But to keep your food sustainable, you’ll want to work with caterers who use locally sourced, in-season ingredients.

Luckily, this is what high-end establishments tend to do best – after all, using local, seasonal ingredients guarantees freshness. Plus, thanks to shopping in your local area, you don’t have to worry about the carbon footprint of your food transportation, so it truly is a win-win.

Stay true to your vision and values

When it comes down to it, no amount of glitz and glamor can make up for a celebration that negatively impacts the planet. However, it’s entirely possible to have a luxurious wedding

celebration whilst keeping sustainability in mind – particularly once you’re clued up on where to look and what to purchase.

Stay true to your wedding vision whilst keeping your eco-friendly values in mind. So long as you honor both, you’ll always be proud of your special wedding celebration.

Guest Writer: Faith Cormier

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