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Creative (and Socially Distant) Ideas for a Romantic Occasion

When the COVID-19 pandemic really kicked into gear and the norms that were once part of our

everyday lives suddenly disappeared, many hoped it would only be for a few weeks. However,

now nearing the end of 2020, it’s already been several months of social distancing, mask-

wearing, and staying at home as much as possible and we likely have a bit more time left to go.

While the world anxiously awaits for this storm to finally pass, couples are finding this extended

time apart difficult. It also doesn’t help that the majority of romantic occasions, such as

anniversaries, aren’t able to be celebrated in the usual ways. However, as hard as this time is,

finding ways to still celebrate your love with your partner can help make this unprecedented time

a bit more bearable.

If you’re looking to celebrate your romance mid-pandemic, here are some creative and socially

distant ideas to enjoy with your partner:

Save $$$ With Budget-Friendly Dates

The COVID-19 situation has affected people in more ways than just social distancing. With

furloughs, lay-offs, and nationwide closures, more of us find ourselves on a tight budget these

days. For couples, this means that dates not only need to be in accordance with the CDC

guidelines but on the cheaper side as well. Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice romance in the

name of money.

Whether it’s for a special occasion like your 10 year anniversary or just because, utilizing

budget-friendly romantic anniversary ideas is a great way to get closer to your partner and make

new everlasting memories together. A few great suggestions worth trying include:

● Camping: Reconnect with Mother Nature and your partner as you lie under the stars

and roast marshmallows over a crackling fire. Borrow gear from your outdoorsy friends

or family to cut down on costs and bring along small romantic touches such as fairy

lights, portable wine glasses, and plenty of blankets to snuggle under together. Before

heading out, ensure you have a spot reserved in a safe, secured area and avoid setting

up camp near others to maintain social distancing. If that’s not possible a backyard

works just as well (and includes indoor plumbing).

● Make A Playlist: Gift buying might be out of the picture this year but that doesn’t mean

you can’t still give your partner something thoughtful on your anniversary. Making a

playlist of the songs you and your partner love and have memories with is not only a

thoughtful gift but gives you the perfect excuse to walk down memory lane together.

Enjoy the playlist while on FaceTime or just hanging out at home. You can keep adding

to the playlist as well and visit it again next year, making it a fun annual tradition.

● Dine-In: Cooking and sharing a meal together at home is pretty much the norm now with

many restaurants still closed or with limited seating. However, take your anniversary or

date dinner to the next romance level by adding little touches such as candles, mood

lighting, and a unique dinner recipe that strays away from your usual meals. Buying

seasonal produce and certain cuts of meat can make your meal more affordable without

losing flavor and taste. If you don’t live together, you can still incorporate all the same

details and enjoy the night via webcam.

The main thing to keep in mind is that romantic dates can be tailored in a variety of ways to

meet you and your partner’s current needs. Breaking out of your daily routine any way you can

will help reignite that spark between you and your love and make the day feel a lot more special

and memorable.

New Take on Movie Night

If you’re itching to get out of the house for your next romantic occasion there are still some

COVID-19-friendly date possibilities. If you and your beau live apart, pay them a (socially

distant) visit and set up a movie watching area outside. There’s a fairly simple way to turn your

phone into a projector with an old shoebox and some office supplies. Of course, you’ll have to

make sure you can get reliable wifi wherever you are in order to watch Netflix or YouTube so

either turn your phone into a hotspot or bring along a portable router. You can watch movies on

the garage door, side of the house, or even on a solid wood fence. Don’t forget to pack classic

movie theater snacks like popcorn and plenty of candy.

Remember This Isn’t Forever

As tough as this year has been for all of us, particularly with our romantic endeavors, it’s

important to keep in mind that this situation is only temporary. While it might take longer than

we’d like, one day life will return back to normal. Until then, there are still plenty of ways for you

and your partner to celebrate your commitment and love for one another. Good luck!

Guest Writer: Noah Rue

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