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Wedding Proposal and ideas of HOW to

Planning to propose and feeling all angst about it? Ways to make life easier.

Preparing for a proposal isn’t always as easy as some might imagine. Meeting the person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life, is just one hurdle crossed. Finding the ring, proposing and getting engaged is another. There are so many things to contemplate, like how to measure engagement ring size, after finding the right one. Below are engagement ring infographics that could be helpful with some of these issues for making the right choice.

10 Questions You Should Ask Before Getting Married

Thoughts and questions about marriage range from little things like, “what does love mean?”, - “how many children do we want, and do we want kids at all?” These are not deterrents to a union, however a way for a couple to gauge better if they are ready to take the plunge. A poll taken revealed that up to 88% of people believe that love should be the deciding factor for marriage, while 16% feel that agreement on politics is also as crucial.

Proposal of a Lifetime

The ring has a large part to play in a proposal, and so choosing the right one can be crucial. There are several ways of deciphering which would be best, one of which include discussing with a partner’s loved ones to find out what they like. If still in doubt, you could always fall back on the poll result that discovered 47% of women prefer a modern style diamond ring, while most others love an antique style. The other important factor for a proposal is the locations, and this could range from a simple proposal at home with friends and family, or one at a romantic and intimate restaurant. Another great option would be a destination proposal over a weekend or holiday for two.

Top 6 Ideas for A Successful Marriage Proposal

These are the most popular and most desired methods for a marriage proposal. 1. A public marriage proposal: Ideally at a memorable location. 2. A flash mob wedding proposal: Could be difficult to put together, but possible. 3. A romantic proposal for just her: Possibly a dinner date, just for two. 4. A destination marriage proposal: A truly breathtakingly option especially if planned well. 5. Homemade marriage proposal: Could involve friends and family, or not. 6. Techie proposal: A simple text, or GIF maybe?

What You Must Remember to Make a Perfect Proposal

The recipe for a perfect proposal involves many crucial things, some which have already been mentioned. These include a special location, the presence of a ring, a prepared speech if any, and of course a photographer to capture the magical moment.

How Much Should an Engagement Ring Cost

While an engagement ring is definitely not cheap, the amount to be spent completely relies on the budget of the purchaser. Some details to keep in mind include the fact that silver is way cheaper than platinum, with gold being somewhere in between the two. A platinum ring can cost up to $1,000 more than a gold one. The carat of the center diamond will also greatly influence the price of the ring, along with its 3 other C’s, clarity, cut and color.

How to Choose the Engagement Ring

Asides price aligning with budget, another factor that could weigh in when choosing a ring is the shape. Whether the metal is rose gold, platinum, palladium or even yellow gold, the accurate shape would have to be decided on.

Sometimes choosing a ring is not a one person job but two. It has been discovered that up to 64% of couples choose their rings together. This greatly simplifies the choosing process, however ruins the surprise. These engagement ring infographics are meant to be a guide either way.

Author credit: Olga Reznikova is a proficient writer at,  specializing in wedding inspiration and expert in wedding planning and wedding speeches. She provides insanely practical advice that people like you can use to plan the wedding. Wedding forward is a one-stop hub where modern and forward thinking brides get inspired. Here you will find the latest fashion ideas to destination wedding spots, wedding scripts, vows, DIY tips, local vendors and more. Wedding forward is the ultimate help for everything about wedding planning.

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