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How to Design Your Wedding for All 5 Senses

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Weddings are meant to be unforgettable. One way you can help your special day become a lovely memory for the two of you and your guests is to build in elements that appeal to all five senses. When planning, couples often focus on decisions about how the wedding will look, and what food to serve at the reception. Less thought is typically given to the sounds, smells and tangible feel of the occasion. Take time to brainstorm ideas in every category. Design a wedding that delights all five senses and hangs out in the hippocampus happily ever after.


Starting with a couple of theme colors helps set the stage and the tone of the wedding. Whether going with favorites, picking a seasonal palette or going with the trendy choice of the year, colors have a symbolic meaning that could send a subconscious message. Tip: Make sure the colors you choose work well with the venue, so photos will be flattering. The wedding party’s attire, flowers, table linens, and guest favors can all be color-coordinated. This will create a unified look that will trigger fond flashbacks ... even if your choices fall out of fashion.


Music is the obvious audio accompaniment for weddings and receptions. Many couples select a special song for their first dance and often give a DJ or band a playlist and genre of music they like. But there is more opportunity to create a signature sound.

Consider things like the sound of a waterfall, crackling fire or subtle wind chimes. If your wedding is near the ocean, waves washing up on the beach will make for lovely background sound (and smell, and sight and touch).


Certain flowers, such as daylilies, have powerful fragrances that guests will forever associate with your nuptials. Keep in mind, however, guests with allergies could end up linking your wedding with a sinus headache. Consider ways you can infuse more subtle aromas into the mix. If your reception is outdoors, maybe a firepit with aromatic woods will create an ambiance with the power to stir future smiles. After all, smell and memory are the most closely connected of the senses.

Smells that frequently make top lists include: ● Fresh-baked bread. ● Fresh-ground coffee. ● Cinnamon. ● Bacon. ● Pine trees. ● Fresh-cut grass. ● Campfires.


Everyone looks forward to tasting the wedding cake. But if you're more of a pie person, it’s your party, so serve pie if you want to. People will remember that! Your budget will determine how elaborate your food offerings are, but whatever you provide make it delicious. Maybe your family has a special recipe that you can serve at the reception and ask someone to share the story in a toast. With food, you can take care of taste, sight, smell, and touch, especially if fingers foods are on the menu.


People love to toss something at the newlyweds as they make their exit, and the moment does make for fun photos! The traditional rice or birdseed toss has been replaced by a number of things including bubbles, flower petals, rainbow sprinkles, and confetti. Your venue may have rules about what’s allowed, so within limits be creative! Have fun with this process! Your wedding marks one of the most important milestones in your lives. It should be an event you and your guests recall warmly whenever a certain sense trigger lights up the memory.

Guest Writer: Courtney Fisher

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