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Fun Gifts For Your Wedding Party or Guests

Finding Fun, Personal and Useful Gifts

Planning a wedding, there are some gifts or favors that might need to be found for your VIPs or the guests. Do you know what is out there? What to get? Or where to get them? Here is some fun and helpful ideas and places where to find them.

Wedding Party Gifts

There might be a couple of gifts that you will need to get for those you want standing up with you. One for when you ask them to be one of your wedding party members. Another as a thank you for being there on your wedding day. These days people are getting more and more creative on how to ask friends or family to be a wedding party member. Usually a fun and creative gift and note is the how it is being done.

Here is a couple of ideas. "He popped the question. Now I would love to have you pop the champagne with me. Will you be one of my bridesmaids?" and along with the fun note giving a champagne flute with mini bottle of bubbly. Or if you don't drink maybe consider, "He popped the question. Now I would like to get the party popping with you. Will you be my bridesmaid?" along with a bag of popcorn which can be found at Purple Gurls.

For the guys they might say, "She said yes. Will you raise your glass and cheers with me on the big day?" along with a monogramed beer howler or beersteins. Check some of the cool ideas out at groovy guy gifts.

Guest Welcome Bags

One great enhancement to the wedding experience is a welcome bag for the guests as they check into their hotel. We suggest a bag of items that will welcome them to the state of which you are having your wedding. For example an Arizona wedding might want to have a Prickly Pear Lollipop, Water, Trail Mix, Post Card and Arizona Sun Block. You can find most of these fun items at a local store in Cave Creek, Grumpy Ole Mule Mercantile.

Wedding Party Gifts for the Wedding Day

Great for photos now is having the ladies in cute pajamas or robes while they are getting ready. Which also act as a fun gift for the girls to take home. Some are doing a personalized bag with the robes in them. Find them at Bridesmaid Gift Boutique.

Guys could get a all in one Cigar Kit or something Sporty item, again great for photos and something nice that they can keep on using. Also found at Groovy Guy Gifts.

Keep on Giving

Whether it is personalized or not the gift is something thoughtful from you. It should reflect a fun, memorable and some meaning for your wedding experience!

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