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Gift Ideas - For the Couple and VIP's

Ever get stuck with a small thoughtful gift that you feel would be used and enjoyed? Of course, everyone has. Thinking of that perfect item while not breaking the bank can be difficult. The options that are out there may be endless or possibly could feel like nothing comes to mind. Well stop fretting, keep reading and we will give you some great ideas!

For the Couple

This is an incredible moment in their relationship that is to be celebrated. What can be some of the best ways to celebrate? If you are thinking with Champagne, then you guessed half right. What else do most do when celebrating something, they get dessert or have something sweet. So what better than a Chocolate Dipped Champagne bottle! There is a ribbon cord so after the champagne is chilled, simply pull the ribbon and the chocolate breaks free. Which leaves the couple with a sweet treat and champagne to celebrate with. It's incredible!

To enhance the gift you could get the couple a set of champagne flutes.

For the VIP's

Wedding Party, Parents, Kids, Helpers, and Vendors are just a some of the many VIP's that are considered to get a special something for. One of the biggest pointers that could be shared is to get the gift that can be used.

For example the Mermaid Tumblers are a hot item that are ordered for bachelorette parties, wedding showers, and of course the wedding day! Personalized from color to having a name on them, they are a perfect gift that can be used over and over again.

These tumblers can be the best used on an everyday basis or poolside with your besties!

Perhaps the recipient likes to be more adventurous and being outdoors. If that is the case, this survival set has so much included. A knife, survival spoon, flashlight, wire saw, fire starters, emergency blanket, credit card knife, tactical pen, bracelet with whistle and compass, and more. Along with the items you can customize the waterproof box. Every outdoorsman would be excited for their next trip in the wild!

It is never the size of the gift but the gesture behind it. Giving something that has meaning to you or them can be more impactful and meaningful. So take a breath and find that perfect something for the people that mean so much to you.

For many more ideas check out these websites Groovy Guy Gifts and Groovy Girl Gifts , however be prepared to want to get something for all your loved ones!

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