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Hiring the Right Wedding Photographer

From the catering and cake to the music and flowers, working with various vendors for your wedding can be stressful. Finding vendors you love and trust is important to make sure your day goes off without a hitch.

That’s especially true when it comes to finding the right wedding photographer.

Selecting the right photographer isn’t just about finding someone who takes great photos. Your photographer should have a style you really love – one that resonates through their work. It should also be someone you’re comfortable with. A great photographer will be friendly and open, and willing to work with you for the best possible shots. They should also be able to make you feel comfortable so your photos don’t look stiff and forced.

So, with so many other things to plan, how can you make sure you’re hiring the right photographer for your special day?

Decide On Your Style

Do you want your wedding photos to be wistful and dreamy or dark and moody? You’ve probably got an idea of the style you’re looking for. Maybe you’ve even bookmarked a few examples you like to compare them to the work of local photographers.

Browsing through the websites and portfolios of local photographers is easy. Let it be your first step to narrowing down your search and digging into a few individuals you’re interested in hiring. It can be helpful to learn a bit more about different editing styles. Some photographers do minimal editing while others use it as their main tool for making photos look a certain way.

Additionally, some photographers prefer film cameras while others go digital. Some use natural light while others set up their own rigs. These are all personal preferences, but a photographer’s style is about how they work as much as what their photos look like. Make sure you’re on board with the whole process before narrowing down your search.

Keep your budget in mind when you’re doing your initial browsing session. You might find a photographer with a style you love, but who may be out of your price range. It can be hard to stick to a wedding budget when there are so many things you want to splurge on. But, with so many budding photographers out there, it shouldn’t be difficult to find one you love who is willing to work with your budget.

Learn More About the Photographer

A wedding photographer is different from a baker or caterer. Most vendors won’t be visible on your wedding day. Your photographer, however, will be right in the thick of things all day. That includes:

● Spending time with the bridal parties as they get ready

● Taking shots before the ceremony

● Photographing the entire ceremony

● Posed shots with the bridal party and families

● Candid reception shots

A truly great photographer won’t distract you from the day. But, they should be someone you’re comfortable with. If you’re interested in a specific photographer, do your research ahead of time to learn more about them.

What’s their process? What can you expect from them before, during, and after your wedding day? What equipment do they use and how do they edit their photos? Educating yourself on some common wedding photography tips can make it easier to feel confident in your choice.

Some photographers will want to get together before the wedding day. That’s another great way to build some trust with each other and be more comfortable with them. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to make sure your personalities mesh.

Plus, a photographer who shows interest in what you really want for your big day is going above and beyond with their customer service. They’ll try to maintain an ongoing professional relationship with you before the wedding and after until your photos are delivered. A photographer with strong relationship-building skills will personalize each experience, communicate long after working with you, especially for marketing purposes, and will solicit your feedback on their work.

Choosing the right wedding photographer doesn’t have to be stressful. Does it take some time and research? Yes. But, the more research you put in, the more comfortable you’ll feel with the photographer of your choice. When you combine a style you love with a photographer who is willing to work with you every step of the way, you’ve struck wedding day gold –

And that’s a great thing to cross off your list!

Guest Writer : Noah Rue

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