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Make Your Wedding Memorable on a Budget

Although the average price of a wedding is coming down slightly, it's still quite expensive

and the cost of the average Arizona wedding is growing. You don't have to spend even close

to that to still have an awe-inspiring wedding. For instance, host the wedding at your

Scottsdale home with Meant2Be’s wedding coordinating services and incorporate a few

unique, low-cost touches to make the inside and outside look fabulous.

Making Your Backyard Work

You should find an open space to hold your nuptials, so everyone has an opportunity to

witness the main event.

During your search, you may find that you have a perfect spot, but it has one minor flaw.

Maybe, it has a dead or dying tree. Not only will that ruin the backdrop, but it's also

Tree removal isn't a do-it-yourself project for the inexperienced, so search for and work

with a professional ‘tree service near me’ before your big day. Take a look at online reviews

and testimonials, and pick a company that is properly licensed, bonded, and insured.

Narrow down your choices to at least three of the most qualified, and request written

quotes from each. If they don't mention it, inquire if stump grinding and disposal are

included in the price. In the event these services aren't covered, ask how much they are


Choosing a Focal Point

Keep in mind that your yard is now a meeting place and the backdrop for the ceremony.

One way to decorate for all of it is to choose a focal point. Maybe it is a large tree or a flower

garden. Center your attention on making that area stand out. 

If you don't have a focal point you feel meets the qualifications, you could rent a gazebo and

create one.

Get Creative With Your Centerpieces

You don't have to spend a fortune on centerpieces. Consider making your own. On the

other hand, you could shop at local thrift shops and find vintage pieces.

Nowadays, all your centerpieces do not have to match. Instead, choose a theme and have the

centerpieces follow it.

An idea we love is to give each table a small cutting cake as a dessert to share. Your guests

won’t be able to wait to cut into it.

Decorating Ideas

White twinkle lights are inexpensive and they work indoors or outdoors. They provide an

elegant appearance without spending a lot. Another option is to order through a rental

company to save on the cost of the lights.

Use elements of your current setup and enhance them, such as a clothing line, grape arbor,

or trellis. Indoors, spruce up your fireplace or staircase.  

Whether you are setting the stage for guest seating or a dining area or creating the ambiance

for the ceremony, consider potted plants. For instance, baby fruit trees provide color and

an aromatic fragrance. Plus, you can keep them long after your wedding. Even fake

greenery can have a huge impact on the decor, both inside and outside.

Make Your Day Special Without Going Into Debt

A dream wedding in Scottsdale doesn't have to put you in debt. Your day can be grand

while also being budget-friendly. Contact Meant2Be to make your dream wedding a reality

without breaking the bank!

Guest Writer: Alice Robertson

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