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Newly Engaged: Where do you start?

The day has come, and now you’re engaged! There are a million things that everyone is telling you to do and look forward to. Before jumping into those big vendors decisions, like venue, catering, or photography, remember that there are some very important details to iron out first! So many newly engaged jump in head first without considering the big picture. Here’s a few things to consider before taking care of those big decisions.

Do you have a season in mind? Determining the time of year you want to marry your best friend will help you narrow down months and weeks that work for you and your families. As you narrow down your choices, your planning blueprint will be effected. Season can greatly effect your length of engagement, changing the timeline needed to get your planning tasks done! It can also help you dictate colors and even your wedding dress style!

Do you and your fiance need a prenup? Before jumping into the big parts of planning, get that paperwork moving! It doesn’t have to be impersonal and it doesn’t have to be mechanical. Prenups are not to be thought of only as a worst case scenario only.The process of negotiating a prenup forces you to think about one of the leading causes of stress in a marriage: finances. Furthermore, when you think about the issues people have in their marriage, having conversations like "what if our parents get sick? Do they move in? Do we pay for their care?" these are all important conversations to have before walking down the aisle.

Will either of you be changing your last name? The name change process isn’t as scary as you might think it is and discussing it early answers a lot of questions and helps with that planning. There are cultural and professional view points that you will want to consider! Wedding wire makes that process easy if you decide that a name change is for you!

Who will be your planner? Before booking vendors, choosing stationary, and telling everyone your wedding date, find the right planner! A wedding planner can answer more questions than you even knew you had and many wedding planners have vendor connections that can save you money when booking your venue, your beauty team, photography, etc..

What parts of your wedding are the most important? Some might say the reception, because the party for their friends and family has to be the biggest and the best. Others might say it’s the ceremony because the “I Do’s” are what they’ve been waiting their whole life for! What is the most important thing to you? Share that with your fiance! Then share it with your wedding planner!

A simple check list like this can give you a jumpstart into your planning process and a strong starting off point as you look forward to the bigger picture. There are also great sites out there, like Wedding Wire that have checklists to explore before you officially start on your planning process. However, in Arizona, the more time the better to prepare! So pop the champagne & let's get you started!


Photographed By Elyse Hall Photography

planned & coordinated by Meant2Be Events designed by Kate Ryan Design

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