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Registry - A gift of giving. What you are buying?

It’s our favorite season; wedding season! Do you have a wedding that you are going to be attending? Let's talk about why you should stick to the registry, regardless if you are family or best friends with the couple. Put yourself in their shoes and think when you were hoping for gifts from birthdays, special moments, holidays, etc. Really a wedding is no different.

But what to get?

For most people, it takes a lot of time and effort to make lists. Likewise, think about how much time and effort it took for the couple, amongst all the other things they were already planning. They not only created a list as a couple but also gave you exactly where to buy the items too! No one wants hurt feelings or that awkward conversation about how the gift was exchanged or returned. Not everyone has the same taste, so if you wish to add your own uniqueness, we would recommend getting something off the registry and personalize it. However, if you are a part of the wedding party, consider a personal or creative gift in addition to a registry gift.

What's In a Registry List?

These newlyweds-to-be put tons of thought into curating their wish lists, and if they used an incredible registry through, that has spectacular benefits. Such as free shipping and returns, price matching, group gifting and a registry advisor to answer all your questions. They've made it clear that they've put thought into their registry needs! There is no doubt that we will be using and referring to make gift shopping less of a headache and more exciting. All the while knowing the couple is getting EXACTLY what they asked for and the gift giver was able to do it with ease.  That is a WIN in our book!

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